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  • Why do I need a Notary Public? Don't you just stamp things?
    We love our stamp and the sound it makes while affixing it to your forms, but more importantly Notaries Public deter fraud and establish that the signer knows what document they’re signing, and that they’re a willing participant in the transaction. Notarized documents are presumed by law to be valid, and to have been signed by the individual(s) identified in the document in the presence of a notary.
  • What are acceptable forms of identification? And what if I'm unable to locate mine or my loved one's ID
    Any current U.S. government-issued identification is considered an acceptable form of ID. This includes driver’s licenses, military IDs, and state-issued identification cards. If you have misplaced or unable to produce a valid ID, simply let us know during our initial call and we will be more than happy to go over what options you may have.
  • Should I sign the document prior to our meeting?
    Depending on the type of notarization needed you may or may not have to sign the document in front of a Notary. We ask that you read over the document thoroughly to determine what's needed for your circumstances.
  • Do you have an office and can I come to you?
    We do not work out of an office that clients can visit, which is why we are a 100% mobile business. We are based in Fort Myers and are travel are able to travel within the entire state of Florida. Our mobile statue allows us to work with you at your convenience. The addresses displayed in our ads and on our website are for written correspondences and mailing purposes only. Our service is strictly mobile and by appointment only.
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