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Huawei Hisilicon Firmware Writer yandnea




hiSilicon 3/8/16/24/32/40/64&1.0.0 do not support UDP connection using . please use TCP connection ahmadhesni, i see ioria: after i set it with "set net.ipv4.ip_forward=1", and I run hcitool scan, i got 'no such device' How to get help please. I cannot use the apt update command in ubuntu mate 16.04 ioria: yes, actually what i want to do is to forward tcp connection from wifi to internet by using "wlan0 to eth0" interface ahmadhesni, and are you able to ping google? ioria: yes ahmadhesni, can you ping ahmadhesni, what about ping ioria: no ioria: i got "no such device" ahmadhesni, try with ifconfig ioria: I did, ifconfig not shown, i got 'no such device' too ioria: there is no 'interface wlan0' ahmadhesni, ok, you're behind some router... like a modem or so ioria: yes, i have a ADSL modem with IOS 5.1.2 ioria: sorry, IOS v.5.1.3 ahmadhesni, you can login in that router and check your connections ioria: I did, there is not wlan0 interface ahmadhesni, then it's not there ioria: what I want to do is to forward from wifi to internet, is it not possible? ioria: Do you know how to do




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Huawei Hisilicon Firmware Writer yandnea

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